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Among the local celebrations, an outstanding one is the Festivity of Our Lady of Las Mercedes, on the Point of Abona, where a procession-pilgrimage is carried out by sea, to the Poris de Abona.

Calendar of Arico’s Popular Festivities
May 1st Saint Joseph Labourer (Obrero)
May 3rd Festivity of the Cross. La Sabinita
May 31st Saint John Baptist
June 24th Saint John Baptist
August 15th Our Lady of the Light. New Arico.
August 16th August 16th
Third Sunday in August August 16th
September 8th Saint Mary of Abona
Second Sunday in September Descent to the Temple of the Virgin of Abona. Every 5 years
September 24th Virgin of Las Mercedes. Porís de Abona
September 29th Saint Michael of Tajao (San Miguel de Tajao)

Arico boasts a very peculiar popular architecture with excellent examples of the traditional Canary architecture.

The archaeological fields are scattered over most of the municipality of Arico, and have unearthed some mummies, pottery and other utensils: the Canyon of Saint Andrew, the Canyon of the Cave, Guasiegre (La Cisnera), El Río, etc. are names related to important findings.

Pumice, a volcanic material that covers a good part of the municipality, due the ease with which it is worked, has been used as a construction element for terraces, irrigation, and even for boring caves, a peculiar activity practically forgotten.

Cultural Interest Centres

Public Municipal Library.
Phone: 922 768 512 / 922 768 127

Cinema of Old Arico.
Phone: 922 768 242

Youth House. Arico. Teguedite.
Phone: 922 768 195

Coastal Youth House. Porís de Abona.
Phone:922 164 383

Juvenile Information Centre.
Phone: 922 768 242

Graline Cinema. Villa of Arico.

Cultural Information Office.Culture Council of the Guildhall of Arico.
Phone: 922 768 242

Wealth of Cultural Interest

Settlement of Icor (Traditional Architecture)

XVII and XVIII Centuries

Church of Saint John Baptist

Declared an Artistic Historical Monument. It is a beautiful temple, built in the XVIII century, in substitution of the first temple founded between 1590-1610, where important works of art are kept.

High Altarpiece. XVII Century

Villa of Arico

New Arico

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