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Initially the buildings were preserved according to the guanche tradition, and towards the end of the XVI century and the beginning of the XVII, the first houses were built, giving rise to the first small settlement, the Hill of Arico (el Lomo de Arico), which coincides with the construction of the Saint John Baptist temple (San Juan Bautista) and the founding of the church.

In the XVII century, the settlements of El Río and Old Arico were built, while in the following century it is New Arico that is developed and in the XX century it was proposed as being named the municipal capital, which did not happen, and Lomo de Arico was maintained as the municipal capital.

In 1916 it is declared Villa by Alfonso XIII.

Places of Historical Interest

Old Lighthouse on the Point of Abona

Temple of Our Lady of Las Mercedes. Point of Abona

Church of Our Lady of the Light. New Arico

Church of Saint Bartholomew (San Bartolomé). El Río of Arico

Among the places of historical interest the prehistoric caves of guanche origin are outstanding, and two natural spots of national interest: the Sentinel Mountain (Montaña de la Centinela) and the River Canyon (Barranco del Río).


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